Some pictures for today

You know, I haven’t really shown you much of the school! This is a school that was built 15 years ago, and the other two schools in the district are pretty much identical. Today Steve, who was an assistant principal in Akiak just down the river, was telling me stories about when the Kuskokwim flooded. The village was flooded, but the school (and the airport runway, also) was built high. He was tying his boat off at the front steps of the school and at a telephone pole by the runway. The village slept in the gym until the water went down.

Here’s the school through my front window.
You walk through a narrow hallway, then come to The Hall of Elders. There are pictures of past and present Tuluksak on the walls.
This is from the back of the school.

Here’s the music room, and the thing that keeps me sane. My intention was to learn how to do rockin’ solos, but instead I’m just learning lots of Beatles songs. That is a very nice and expensive drum kit in the background. After school sometimes I jam with some of the kids.
This was taken at 10:45 pm from the front of the school. Remember, back when AK had 4 time zones, this would’ve been 2 hours earlier than Juneau.

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