And this just in

shortly after I made the previous post, this email came in:

 To: All Staff

Re: Contracts

From Superintendent Bennett and State of Alaska

Date: March 23, 2020

This is a hard time for our state and nation.  Decisions are being made daily by those in leadership in our state education department.  After conferring with the state and our attorney yesterday, I am directed to give you the following message;

  • It is the expectation of the state and this district that we are contracted to provide on-going education for our students.
  • Leaving the village and your position is a breach of contract that could lead to immediate dismissal.
  • Providing a medical note to leave your position is no longer valid as everyone in the nation is at health risk.  (Medical cases will be reviewed by leadership on a case by case basis).
  • The has verification from Alaska Air that they will continue service to the rural areas.
  • Yute has been contacted and they too have verified they will continue to serve the villages.
  • Most villages have directed that leaving the village is by emergency necessity and returning is subject to another quarantine.
  • The district office is committed to staying in Akiachak and taking care of you.

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