Kuskokwim Shortcut

I found the shortcut to the Kuskokwim river. There is a trail just the size of a snowmachine across the Tuluksak river right where it bends around the village.

Maybe it is a mile long, probably less. Along the way are the first signs of spring (besides all the melting snow):

And on the other side the mighty Kuskokwim!

I saw a few snowmachines hauling trees. There probably isn’t much time before the river gets too dangerous to travel on.

I could hear dogs barking from the village. When I got back, I ran into these two:

The conversation went like this:

“What are you doing?”

“I walked over to the Kuskokwim”


“I dunno, it is a nice day and I wanted to see it”

“Yeah, but why did you walk?”

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