A warm Saturday bike ride

Temperatures were almost hitting 40 degrees, so it was an easy ride. I went up the Tuluksak trail maybe 5 miles, then cut over to the river and up a slough chasing the sunset (which was around 4:30 pm).

This is a major “road” connecting Akiachak and Tuluksak, about 30 miles away. It cuts straight across the tundra, and just about starts at my backdoor. There’s hardly a trace of it in the summer time.
That’s Cemetery Hill. At some point this was a high river bluff, but the river has changed course long since. It is the highest point for miles around.
Cemetery Hill.
This is the point I decided to turn around. It just boggles my mind: it looks like I’m taking this picture in any old field, but there are literally THOUSANDS of uninhabited miles behind me.
These guys came up one me fast.
I think a snow machine would be way more comfortable than a dog sled.
On the Kuskokwim. Hard to tell from the picture, but the river has a big bump in it here where the ice was pushing against itself.
Here’s a fishing hole. We go here for “manaqing” in Yuplish.

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